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I first encountered these bagpies years ago.  Jim MacGillivray eventually acquired them and I really don't know where they are now, however they are interesting. 

They had initially been attributed to John Ban MacKenzie however, Jeannie Campbell at the College of Piping recently believes they are much older. Jeannie acknowledges specific similarities between this bagpipe and their own Culloden bagpipe.  Authorities believe that the Culloden bagpipe predates the battle by about 50 years, meaning that it was probably made in the late 1600s or very early 1700s.  Jeannie believes that this bagpipe probably dates from around the time of the battle, being 1746.

The pipes are made of laburnum, which is indiginous to Scotland and was favoured until exotic hardwoods became the makers choice in the early 1800's.   Ferrules and mounts are made of bone.
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