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I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation last week and was very impressed when I took a stroll through your site.  Please feel free to use any of this information on your site.  I would be happy to hear any insights you may have regarding their ultimate origin.

Description of Donald Murray Pipes:

Piper: Donald Murray of Scotsburn, Pictou Co. N.S. born 1830,  died 1899.  A couple of pictures are attached.  The family immigrated from Rogart, Sutherland in 1800-1803.  He was the son of Donald "Lassie" Murray (1787-1875), son of Alexander Murray b. Rogart Sutherlandshire 1738.  The pipes are Scottish made, styled consistent with early 19th century, and extensively refurbished in NS.  The family oral tradition doesn't mention any pipers before Donald.


Chanter appears to be cocuswood, drones could be as well but the wood appears slightly more open-grained.  Lower mounts on drone bases are horn.  Other drone mounts and ferrules are mostly ivory, walrus I think.  There are some differences in the ferrule turning (i.e. with or without a bead)  2 of 3 drone rings are ivory, 3d is clearly a replacement and is horn.  2 of 3 drone bushings are bone
One tenor drone upper is clearly different, thicker profile, bushing ivory vice bone, ferrule horn vice ivory
Chanter has no makers mark or stamp, sole is ivory, mount is horn.  Low A is about 35 cycles below modern tuning.  I would have expected it to be farther out with a century plus of “seasoning” to constrict the chanter throat.  Blowstick missing.  Stocks are fairly rough turned oak, painted black and have no evidence of actual use.  Seats for ferrules were turned but the ferrules were clearly never added.   I suspect the original stocks were destroyed in a farmhouse fire sometime before 1900.
Practice chanter: Stamped J&R Glen, Edinburgh
Don Munro
Germantown, MD USA
The Bagpipe Place