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Unknown # 47

"I think that there are several serious arguments for a pre-1800 date. The ca. 1770’s MacCorquodale’s, the 1802 Hugh Robertson prize pipe and Barry Shear’s early set brought to Canada in 1804 all have more modern tops, whereas the
1785 pipe in the Inverness museum has bell tops with comparatively modern mounts. Note the absence of bottom mounts. The brass ferrules seem to fit. I was afraid that this set might be a Victorian fake, but it is not neat enough for that. I would guess that it dates from the early days of the GHB revival, perhaps from the 1770’s-1790’s.

According to the piper’s family who sold the set it belonged to the great-grandfather of the selling family member who was piper to the duke of Montrose in the 19th century, and a blacksmith in Drymen, which I would like to find more about. The Victorian tartan cover is indeed Graham of Montrose.

Dukes of Montrose, Second Creation (1707)
James Graham, 1st Duke of Montrose (1682-1742)
William Graham, 2nd Duke of Montrose (1712-1790)
James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose (1755-1836)
James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose (1799-1874)
Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham, 5th Duke of Montrose (1852-1925)
James Graham, 6th Duke of Montrose (1878-1954)
James Angus Graham, 7th Duke of Montrose (1907-1992)
James Graham, 8th Duke of Montrose (b. 1935)"  
                                                                                            Andreas Hartmann-Virnich
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