The Bagpipe Place Museum
AP Sykes

Alfred Percy Sykes was an  importer of all kinds of musical instruments from 1920 to 1929.  One resourse indicated "The nightingale and triangle was a trade mark used by the Melbourne music retailer Alfred Percy Sykes. The Australian National Archives records indicate that Sykes applied for the trade mark on 28th August 1899 and it was to be used on all musical instruments (except triangles, according to the original application). The application also states that AP Sykes was specifically a musical instrument importer rather than a maker.

The bagpipes were most likely most likely made by Starck, although the picture here is inconclusive.  I believe that I have a picture of an AP Sykes chanter on the way.
The images here are pretty compelling.  Although I can only find "hearsay" on the Internet regarding Sykes, these pictures tell me that Starck made bagpipes for A. P. Sykes.  Everything here says "Starck".