Rudall Carte

This is an absolutely outstanding set of pipes made by Les Cowell for Rudall Carte & Co. in the early 1950's.  It is one of only 2 or 3 silver & ivory sets of perhaps 200 pipes made for the company. 

It is exquisite with silver lined tuning chambers and silver hemp stops.  The turning is perfect.  Everything about the bagpipe speaks of quality.
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The bagpipe below came into the shop for a refurb and immediately got my attention.  To my eye, it was obviously the work of Les Cowell, however the silver is stamped 1973.  The bagpipe was purchased "new" by the father of the current owner, however the daughter had no information about the maker.  Les started up David Naill Bagpipes in 1976.  You can see the scoring on the inside of the metal ferrules.  I'm not sure if Les made this bagpipe while employed with Rudall Carte, however I am sure he made it. 
Clues are the impeccable turning with very deep and rounded beads, the scoring inside the ferrules, the profiles and details, and the profile of the stocks.  Currious that catalin was used for bushings and hemp stops. 
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