The Bagpipe Place Museum
James Robertson 1950's & 1960's

This is the Robertson bagpipe that most people are familiar with and certainly this is the bagpipe that is regarded as the "classic" among Robertson bagpipes.  This would have been at the height of the craft for both James Martin and George Kilgour.  Frankly, I am in awe of the detail and the general quality of their work.
This full silver bagpipe hallmarked 1955 gets us started in the right direction.  You can see how the lines are starting to bulge out a bit.  Rather that the tuning chambers angling out or being straight-sided these have a definite convex profile.  The stocks took on the same profile and this became more pronounted in the 1960's.
This bagpipe to the immediate left is hallmarked 1961 and reinforces the profile of this period.  Now, it must be understood that maker's furn the wood to match the silver.  The silver is created within tolerance and certainly the silver Robertson used was outstanding, however I expect to see small differences to allow for the exact specification of the silver.
Full ivory and silver & Ivory Robertson bagpipes from the 1960's represent some of the best workmanship and styling down through the years.  What is very remarkable is that Robertson bagpipes didn't conform to either Edinburgh or Glasgow styling but contained element of both and elements of neither.  Truly a remarkable chapter in the history of bagpipes.