Micele O Cianain (Michael Keenan)

Year of Birth; 1886.  Date of Death; 23 March, 1978.  Born Shercock, County Monaghan, Ireland. (County Cavan & Monaghan are one electoral unit. He is sometimes mis-noted as being in and from Cavan.)  From his early days, he was a well known and well respected piper...  and also, as a maker of bagpipes, and then of uilleann pipes.

It was reported that he said that he had to begin making bagpipes, and then the uilleann pipes, very young, because he couldn't afford to buy any.  He played his first public engagement in 1907.  After he began pipe making, he began to have customers all over the U. K., Europe and America. He was known as a meticulous craftsman, early on.

He never married, and so (like the Starck family, lacking an heir)) had no one to whom he then might pass on his skills.

In 1917-1918 he was in The Killann Pipers Band and also, in 1917, he helped to form and to train (the PM?) The O Rahilly Pipe Band.

He was active in piping, pipe making, and in and with several bands well on into his 70s.  (We should do so well. :) His home was well known as a welcoming place where one could always drop in and talk about and play the music.
At first glance you might think you're looking at something Henry Starck might have done.  Indeed I had pictures of a few sets sent to me as "Starck" bagpipes.
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