Muir Wood and Co
This bagpipe was made at an early age, hence the laburnum wood, it is also a wonderful set but fragile. The bass drone being cracked and cemented.

The sound is very well, the two tenor first sections have been made by Pierre Blanchet, a French bagpipe maker and old set specialist who did justice to these pipes.

The stocks also missing except one damaged are replaced parts.

The letters M.W have been found at the beginning of the middle bass section and Jeannie Campbell of the piping centre told us about the Muir Wood and Co company. 1796/1804

The original ivory projecting mounts (very very old) are in the Edinburgh fashion with the cut bead.

Bass drone and tenor top original in laburnum wood

Projecting mounts on tenor tops : new ivory parts

Tenor first section : made by P.B bagpipe maker

All stocks new with ivory mounting.
The Bagpipe Place Museum