McMillan - New Zealand

These pictures are said to be of a bagpipe made by McMillan of New Zealand.
It's always interesting to connect the dots and put the story together.  
He had five children, the eldest being a piper of merit.  Donald was known as the Esq. of Burkes Pass.  There is a march named in his honor in the New Zealand collection of bagpipe music.  There may or may not be a connection however it's a lead.  Any information would be appreciated.
The picture to the right is of Donald McMillian, born at Stornoway, in the Isle of Lewis, in 1844, and in his early years he followed a seafaring life.  He came to New Zealand in 1865 in the ship "Helenslea," and followed pastoral life, chiefly in the Mackenzie Country.  He took a second trip home in 1881, and came back to the colony during the following year.  Mr McMillan was married, in 1875, to Miss McDowell, and they have five daughters and two sons. The eldest son, while still quite  a boy, distinguished himself as a bagpipe player, and gained first prize in good company at Timaru.
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