D McCullough

Denis McCullough was born on January 24, 1883 in Belfast.  He is best known as a Nationalist and, although not directly involved in the Rising, he served a lengthy prison term for his involvement in the Irish Republican Brotherhood.  He was said to be a piano tuner by trade and established a business at 12 Howard Street, Belfast in 1909.  Three years later he moved to larger premises at 8 Howard Street where he started making bagpipes.  David Glen (Edinburgh) was said to have been involved, possibly teaching turning skills.  The main turner seemed to be a man called William Andrews, who played both uillean pipes and mouthblown bagpipes. Andrews was also P.M of the pipe band attached to Trinity College, Dublin. He was a prolific writer on the subject of piping, and compiled and wrote the book, "McCullough's Irish Warpipe Tutor & Tune Book", published in 1926. Andrews received his instruction from Pipe Major Willie Gray of the Glasgow Police.
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