Matheson Special

Many thanks to Bryan Mitchell for the following...

"Hello Ron,

I have seen your page about Matheson Special bagpipes.

If you would like more information here is a snippet to accompany the attached images.......

I have recently found out that Matheson Special bagpipes were made in India by a Scottish piper who stayed on in India. He repaired and made bagpipes for fellow members of his regiment, as their bagpipes cracked and fell apart in the dry summer heat and steamy monsoon conditions. Many soldiers moved on from India to N.Z. and Australia after completing their service, hence we have the reason for Matheson Special bagpipes turning up in this part of the world.

Generally made from Indian Ebony, when it was available, they are a reasonably good bagpipe, though turning chatters are noticeable in the wood on the drones of the set in the photos attached. The Ivory used is Indian elephant ivory which apparently is a poorer quality when compared to African elephant ivory. Still it is ivory.

Hope this note and the photos are of interest.


Bryan Mitchell.
P/Mjr. Cambridge & Districts Pipe Band, New Zealand."
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