Donald MacPhee

Donald MacPhee was born in 1841 and was an outstanding
piper and bagpipe maker. 

He operated a successful business from 17 Royal Arcade (Glasgow) until his death in 1880.  According to Jeanne Campbell, Donald died of "general paralysis of the insane" over a duration of about one year. 

From her writings, Donald must have been a very special person to be a top competing piper in 1876, hospitalized in 1879 at the age of 37, and dead at age 38.  One can only imagine what Peter Henderson must have felt taking over his shop in 1880.  The images are of MacPhee bagpipes.  Interestingly, but not altogether surprisingly, I can see both Henderson and Lawrie within.
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The silver and ivory bagpipe to the right and below is confirmed Donald MacPhee.  It was found in Belgium and is currently Jim MacGillivray's # 1 bagpipe.  It is an incredible instrument.   The workmanship rivals anything I have seen.
The MacPhee bagpipes to the left seem to be taking on more of a "Henderson" look to them.  I suppose that those waters will remain murky unless something really spectacular surfaces.  I'm always intrigued this how and when changes started appearing in any given maker's work. 
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