The Bagpipe Place Museum
Donald and Torquil MacLeod, Tain

Torquil Macleod was the son of the master bagpipe maker, Donald Macleod. He began the family business in Tain in 1890. Torquil carried on building and repairing bagpipes and fiddles after his father died in 1960, until his own death in 1974.

Already established as a maker of the Highland bagpipe, Torquil took to violin as musical fashions changed. His instrument has been praised for it's 'breadth of tone' and 'rewarding nature'.

There is an exhibit at Inverness Museum, including his tools, one or two of his later violins and some pipes.

The bagpipe below was found with a practice chanter that appeared to match stamped D. MacLeod Tain.  This is scant information to go on, so it is posted here with caution.  More evidence must be found before we can attribute this or any other bagpipe to Donald or to Torquil.