John Ban MacKenzie

Born 1796 in Achilty, and died April 24, 1864 in Munlochy, Black Isle.  He was believed to have made bagpipes from 1840 until the time of his death.  It is not known where he learned his skill as a turner and maker of bagpipes however he made the Prize Pipe for the Northern Meeting from 1846 to 1864. He was in the employ of the Marquis of Breadalbane at Taymouth Castle, along with at least 20 other pipers prior to 1940.  I believe that I read that Allan MacDougall was also employed at the castle, however sometime earlier at around 1780.  Speculation allows us to consider that bagpipe making occurred at the castle or by those so associated and that this skill was learned by MacKenzie through his employment at the castle.
Makers of Old Bagpipe Place Home
The pictures to the right were sent to me as a bagpipe made by John Ban MacKenzie. The engraved ferrule indicates a date of 1860 which is within that period of time when MacKenzie was active as a maker. 
The Bagpipe Place Museum