The Bagpipe Place Museum
Henry Potter & Co.

Samuel Potter founded the firm in 1810, the same day that his first son, Henry, was born.  The company continues today.  They concentrated on musical instruments for the military and it is likely that bagpipes were supplied by Henry Starck.  These images seem to bear that out.  Looking at the profile of the stocks, the bottom bead on the stocks, the nickel and other detail, they all point to Starck.
According to another very reputable source "Henry Potter & Co. had a store in London but their headquarters was in Aldershot. They supplied band instruments to the British Army. They certainly sold pipes but jobbed the making out to contractors, possibly to Starck but most certainly to Lawrie. Les Cowell of David Naill Bagpipes once told me that there were a firm of turners in the East End called Miller Browne & Co that used to churn out loads of sets of pipes for various London names including Henry Potter & Co, Rose-Morris and Boosey & Hawkes. Miller Browne & Co included at least one Starck trained turner."