Calum Piobaire's Prize Bagpipe
Inverness 1866

Malcolm Macpherson was considered one of the last links to the MacCrimmons of Skye.  Malcolm was taught by his father Angus, who was taught by John MacKay, Raasay, who had been taught by the MacCrimmons.   In time, Malcolm would be regarded as a great piper and teacher and known to the piping world as
Calum Piobaire or Calum the piper.
This prize bagpipe is thought to have been made by Donald Henderson, Peter's father. Although it has been reported that the prize pipe awarded in 1866 was made by Alexander Glen, there is strong corroborating evidence that this bagpipe was indeed the
Prize Pipe awarded to Calum Piobaire.

I truely regret not taking more pictures and spending more time with this bagpipe.  I hope to make contact with Keith and secure more pictures and other information regarding this most important link to the past.  It is interesting to note the silver on the chanter, which is identical to the silver on a bagpipe in Hamilton Ontario that was awarded in 1916.

We are very fortunate to bring you these important pictures of Calum Piobaire's Prize Pipe.  We will be posting further pictures and information when available.
Makers of Old Bagpipe Place Home
In 1866 Malcolm Macpherson won the Gold Medal at the Northern Meeting in Inverness. He was awarded the Prize Pipe.  This prize pipe, along with other important documents and manuscripts, would remain in his family for over 100 years before finally passing to his great great grandson, Keith Theobald.  Keith is a piper in the Ottawa Police Pipe Band and an officer with the Ottawa Police Services.
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