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The information I have on Hawkes if from the New Langwill Index. They show:
1860-62, Hawkes & Co, Cumberland St, Pimlico
1862-75, Hawkes & Co, 33 Soho Square
1875, Hawkes & Co, Leicester Square
1876-89, Riviere & Hawkes, Leicester Square
1889-95 Hawkes & Son, Leicester Square
1895-1930, Hawkes & Son, Denman St, Picaddilly Circus
EBAY listing - For the life of me I can't find the pictures!

Very rare old bagpipe, made by Hawkes & Son of London between the years of 1865 & 1925.  In 1925 Hawkes & Son merged with Boosey & Company to form Boosey & Hawkes and had their pipes made by the well known and highly respected Henry Starck.  Whilst Starck pipes are relatively common, Boosey & Hawkes branded pipes are extremely rare.  Beyond that again, I have never actually seen or heard of a set made by Hawkes & Son before the merger with Boosey.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows of other sets.  This set is mounted with ivory but since they were clearly made well before the ban I don't think they'd need any kind of certificate.  Not 100% sure on this though.  The mounts are all in good shape but do have some staining that is common with old sets.

I bought these pipes from an auction house without having seen them but once they arrived I realised that they weren't exactly what I was expecting.  I know that I will never have any use for them so rather than letting them sit in a box, I'm selling them in the hope that someone may have a better use for them.

The most notable thing is that there is only two drones.  When I received them they were tied into a bag like this and there was no sign of a third drone at all so I'm guessing that this is the way this set has been since new.  Rather unusual.  The bag was an old rotting sheepskin so I've since cut that off and binned it.  Because of this, and the fact that they are in pretty rough shape, I don't think it'd be worth spending the money to make them playable, but would be more suited to someone who collects old and rare makes of pipes.

There are cracks in the bass top (ringcap & ferrule missing) and bass stock (ferrule missing) but the rest of the drone is fine.  Obviously as you can see in the pictures, someone has put the mid-joint mount back on upside down for some strange reason.  It's jammed quite tightly so I haven't been able to remove it but with a small bit of effort this could easily be sorted.

But for a loose ferrule and the missing ringcap, the tenor drone appears to be fine and crack free.  The original blowpipe is in good shape but there is no mouthpiece. Originally there was and old bone mouthpiece laying broken in the bottom of the box. The blowpipe stock is cracked though.  The chanter stock is cracked and looks like someone has attempted to repair it at one stage.

There is a wooden pipe chanter that has a very nice large ivory sole.  The chanter itself is stamped with 'Hawkes & Son, London' as can be seen in the pictures.  There is a long crack running most of the length of the chanter.  The sole is lovely though.

I've tried to describe these as accurately as possible.  If you have any questions please just let me know.  Again, I can't see these pipes ever being played again but I'm hoping there's someone out there that would like to have and make some use of them - even if it's only to reclaim the mounts for future use.  I'm in Glasgow so if someone wants to view them that may be possible.  I'd prefer that the pipes stayed within the UK simply for ease of shipping.

Payment by Paypal only.  Bidding starting at 99p with no reserve.
Hawkes & Son