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The Hal Leonard tutor is dedicated to everyone who wants to play the bagpipes but believes they are too old, too young, or that they don't have enough talent to do so.  Yes you can, and this tutor will show you exactly how, step-by-step!  It's just that simple!

Adults learn differently than youngsters.  They are generally more cautious and less intuitive.  A youngster may mimic an embellishment or phrase correctly without understanding what he or she is doing where most adults need to break it down and understand it before they'll even attempt it. 

The learning path taken in this tutor is very appropriate for both adults and youngsters.  These concepts and techniques for teaching both adults and youngsters were developed over the past thirtyfive years.  I built the Braemar Bagpipe Organization embracing many of these concepts and methods.  Later, at St. John's Northwestern Military School (Delafield Wisconsin) Sarajane challenged my thinking and moved our learning forward.  We refined our thinking based on our day-to-day teaching experience of both young and older learners. This book is a distillation of many years of competitive piping and teaching.  It is available through music stores and retailers worldwide.  If you don't find it, ask your retailer to get it or email me. 

The audio/video clips HERE help demonstrate what is possible following these methods.  Click HERE for more thoughts on adult learners!
By Ron Bowen & Sarajane Trier
The Bagpipe Place School