William Gunn
1834 - 1836
This first set of pictures is of a bagpipe with chanter stamped W. Gunn.  The chanter does not belong to the bagpipe, although both are approximately the same age.  Still, I chose to exhibit these pictures as they were sent to me. 
The pipes were owned and played by Dougald Campbell, born in Islay, Scotland in 1819. It is probable, based on searches, that Dougald played for the 79th Highlanders and was possibly it's Pipe Major. He emigrated to Quebec, Canada, where he married and had 8 children. He continued to play the pipes,and eventually, he played for the Prince of Wales at the Victoria Bridge Grand Opening in 1859. Mr. Campbell died at the age of 78, in 1897.

It is not likely that this bagpipe reaches back as far as Hugh Robertson, however it certainly reflects his influence.  It is probable that the bagpipe was made no earlier than 1830, which puts it clearly within the period when Thomas and Alexander Glen were making bagpipes.  I'm also going to exhibit this bagpipe in the "unknown" gallery.
The pictures of the William Gunn bagpipe below are courtesy of long-time good friend Jim McGillivray.  Jim maintains an outstanding website featuring vintage bagpipes and reproductions.  Click Here to travel to his site.
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