Glencoe bagpipes

Made in London Ontario by Matt Marshall 1978 - 1981

Worked in R. G. Lawrie

Patterned after 1920 - designed by Angus MacDonald


Several months ago I had mentioned to you that I would be sending you some photos of the Glenco Bagpipes made by Lawrie master drone maker Matt Marshall. Matt had served as a drone maker for Lawrie in Scotland for 5 years, receiving his master drone makers certification, and then he immigrated to Canada and began making pipes of the Lawrie design in the late 1970's when Lawrie ceased production.

These particular pipes (see attached photos) were made in about 1978 and sold through Bill Gilchrist of Minneapolis to Ron Husted, now Pipe Sergeant with the MacKenzie Highlanders of Des Moines ( Bill Gilcrist (Gillie) is still piping with the Minneapolis Police Band.

Ron Husted sold these pipes to me two years ago because he wanted a set of engraved Naills; something a little fancier for the solo work he does. Initially Ron had decided to keep the Glencoes, but he relented and sold them to me. A few years prior to this he had the drones super-finished by Cameron Wylie in California and had the solid nickel cups taken off and chromed so that they were always shiny and never needed polishing. He had tapped the bottom of the drones so that the Kinnaird drone reeds screwed into the bottom of the drone, eliminating drone reed fall-outs. He called these Glencoe pipes his "hotrod" pipes.

I have played with a number of different pipers and pipe bands, and these pipes have always been welcomed. They sound as good as any pipes I have ever heard and; it must be admitted, they make me sound like a good piper.

"GLENCOE CANADA" is stamped on the upper bass drone cord slot and a couple of photos of the stamp are also attached.

You catalogue pipes and pipe makers and it was thought you might enjoy having this information. It is not known how many of these Gencoes Matt Marshall made, but he did have dealers in the US. Several of us have tried to locate Matt Marshall in Canada with no luck. The last we heard he stopped making pipes commercially and worked instead for an automobile manufacturer as a machinist.

These pipes are played solo for performances every month. 30 years old and they are just like new. Ron Husted always took immaculate care of them, he was (and still is) a regular piper for the Governor's Office of the State of Iowa. I have been selected as the Official Piper for the 2009 South Dakota State Fair and will play them there.

Let me know if you ever hear of another set of learn any more about Matt Marshall.

Till then,

Best personal regards,

Norwood (Woody) BayBridge, FSA Scot
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