Alexander Glen

I thought I'd start by publishing that awesome photo (right) that is believed to be Alexander Glen with son David.  I wonder if this Alexander Glen chanter is the one in the picture.

Reaching back this far in time is not without its risks or rewards.  Through a network of very good and interested people the following information and pictures were brought to me. 
The piper is George MacDonald and the picture was taken in the 1930's and is authenticated by a descendant. The chanter is stamped twice "ALEXdr Glen Edinburgh.

The pipes were made in 1847 and were purchased by MacDonald in 1920.  They are made of cocus wood and walrus ivory.  According to his daughter, her father's bagpipe was always spoken of as Alexander Glen Edinburgh black ebony pipes (ceylon) made in 1847 with a mix of walrus and elephant ivory.
David Receipt
Glen Ad 01
Glen Ad 02a
Makers of Old Bagpipe Place Home
To the left we have a ca 1831 - 8140 Alexander Glen GHB chanter along with a Thomas Glen practice chanter.  These belong to good friend Andreas Hartmann-Virnich of France.
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