Douglas and Son Ltd.

Here's a bagpipe you don't see everyday. 

Douglas and Son Ltd. Glasgow, Scotland. According to Jeannie Campbell, Hugh Douglas was a maker of bugles and military instruments.  They appeared in the Glasgow trade directories from 1914 to 1925 as bagpipe makers and musicial instrument makers. 

There are those who believe that both Henderson and Lawrie were the actual makers of Douglas bagpipes. 
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The very red bagpipe (upper left) was refurbished by a well-known firm in Scotland and identified as Douglas and Son, and was said to have been made by Henderson.  The wood is Brazilian Kingwood. 

The silver and ivory set (left) is especially important as the complete history was documented from day 1 and maintained with the bagpipe (in the case).  They were purchased new in New Zealand in 1922 by John Millar.  He pawned them to a music store in 1930 when John Wilson's father brought them.  (John wilson being 9 yrs old at this stage).  John then played the pipes until 1994 when he gave up and sold them to Neil McMillan.  Neil played these pipes until he passed away in 2010.  Neils son, "Neil Jr" inherrited the pipes, but he never played them as he already owned a set of silver and ivory MacDougalls!.  A family decision was made to sell the pipes.  The current owner strongly believes that they were made by Lawrie.  Certainly the profiles would support this.
Being the absolute bagpipe nerd that I am, I immediately tried to find a picture of John Wilson and these pipes.  The resolution of this picture and the angle of the pipes make this a difficult call.  Perhaps someone out there has a better picture of John and this bagpipe???
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