George Alexander

Alexander began making bagpipes with Charlie Wicks in 1955 in London, England. 

Charlie was related to Henry Starck and worked for Henry Starck Bagpipes as early as 1937.  He left in 1946 and worked for other musical instrument makers before returning to bagpipe making with Alexander. 

In 1970 Alexander moved the business to the Isle of Wight.  The business ceased operations in 1990.

Alexander is perhaps best known for his long practice chanter with counter-sunk holes.  There surface with some regularity however we are not so fortunate with his bagpipes.  Jeannie Campbell, in her acclaimed book Highland Bagpipe Makers has a picture of an Alexander bagpipe purchased in 1964 with the original bill of sale.  The instrument has wooden button mounts and nickel ferrules and could easily be mistaken for another maker's work.
Alexander PC
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